Loop Furniture System

Loop Furniture System


Firm: Collective Office, P.C.

Location: Chicago

Client: Collective Office

The loop furniture idea was created with the objective to satisfy evolving life circumstances – whatever they might be. This system begins as a shelving solution, that can easily disassemble for flat-packing or be re-configured as needed and even accept add-on components like drawers, table tops and writable surfaces. The system can enclose & divide space, float in a room or be anchored by other architectural elements. We also intend that this system can become a desk or a credenza. The sizes are modular and custom depending on the specific requirements or other architectural elements that need to have relationships. The loop was created with warm natural wood, minimizing the material usage while maximizing the structural ability. The horizontal runners are powder-coated steel, and the shelves satin acrylic. The corner detail employs threaded inserts for easy set-up and take-down and accommodation of leveling glides and accessories.

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