Suburban Corporate Refresher

Firm: Suski Design, Inc.

Location: Lisle, Ill.

Client: McCain Foods

Wanting to attract new, young employees, the client’s leased building is not seen as an asset by any means.  The soulless offices do not speak to today’s standards or promote chance encounters for cross department exchanges of ideas.  The charter: To reinvigorate the business and create branding through design, all on a modest budget.

A much needed facelift and restructuring of the spaces with new functions bring the building’s interior a much needed vibrancy and sense of casual, friendly style.

Targeted areas include lobby and reception, the existing atrium being converted into a game room and gathering space and new meeting and teaming spaces centrally located at each of the building’s wings to bring about interaction.  Finishes and colors complement the existing while remaining rustic, fresh and inviting.

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