House to the Beach

House to the Beach

Citation of Merit

Firm: Gluck+ Architecture

Location: Northshore, Illinois

Consultants: Silman, Insight Environmental Design, IBC Engineering Services, Inc., Brunzell Associates, Ltd., ECS Illinois, LLC, Forst Consulting Co, Inc., Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects, Lux Populi, Shabica & Associates PC, Tech Tonic LLC

Photos: Paul Warchol Photography

This elegant home by Gluck+ sits as a foil to a nearby monument: the Baha’I Temple. While one proceeds upward to the temple, this house negotiates a 40-foot decline from the street to the beach via a long processional. Though no windows expose the home at street level, the home is revealed as one moves from the top of the home downward toward the beach.

Jurors marveled at the relationship between home and landscape that was created through the central processional. “The edges allow the house to weave its way into the landscape,” one juror commented.

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