City Hyde Park

City Hyde Park

Citation of Merit

Firm: Studio Gang

Client: Antheus Capital

Contractor: Linn-Mathes, Inc.

Photos: Steve Hall, Hedrich Blessing

With an ambition to become a hub for urban living, the project transforms an underutilized strip mall into 180 apartments. The 12-story residential component responds to its distinctly different north and south environs. On the north, a faceted facade of bay windows overlooks the city skyline. On the south, the geometric facade provides social space and shading. Both sides of the tower’s facade utilize structure for architectural identity, with a playful array of stacked and alternating concrete panels forming columns, bays, sunshades and balconies. Jurors called it a “beehive”; said one, “The whole building unfolds in an Escher-like way. I’d live here.”

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