Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

Honor Award

Firm: von Weise Associates

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Client: Cards Against Humanity

Contractor: Wigmore Construction, LLC

Photos: Nicholas Fochtman, Nicholas James Photo

“Looking at this photo, you can just feel the business’ culture!” one juror exclaimed about the Cards Against Humanity offices. The space hosts its namesake company, Cards Against Humanity — the knockout card game that asks players to call upon their darkest humors to formulate clever mad-lib statements in a style akin to Apples to Apples.

Their space, however, calls upon a similar use of clever, quirky elements to produce a bright, open and flexible workspaces that host more than just the Cards employees; it also functions as a co-working space for graphic designers, photographers and other members of Chicago’s vibrant creative community. The eight founders of the card game Cards Against Humanity see social connections and the cross-pollination of ideas as crucial aspects of creative culture. They envision the work-share office typology as an opportunity to bring together graphic designers, artists, photographers and writers into a creative co-working space that encourages collaboration.

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